The West Highland is all terrier –a large amount of
Scotch spunk, determination, and devotion
crammed into a small body. Outdoors they are
truly sporty, good hunters, speedy, and cunning,
with great intelligence. In the house they are all
that can be desired of a pet: faithful,
understanding, and devoted, yet gay and

The West Highland‘s outer coat is hard and stiff
and should be kept so by proper grooming and
dry-cleaning rather than by washing. The Westie is
not hard to keep clean, a little time spent each day
with a brush and comb keeps him always in mint
condition. Never over bath your Westie. Treat him
as you would your iron skillet (no soap).
West Highland White Terriers (Westies)
Alley  2010
Paige  2010
We are no longer raising Westies.   All of our
Adults have been placed in private homes and
are enjoying being spoiled.   I still love them
and will always love them.