Barnyard Kennel

Annette Coleman
100 Kennel Dr.
Gray Court, SC 29645
All puppies are sold with limited registration unless otherwise discussed with potential buyer before sale.
The buyer agrees to have this dog examined by their own veterinarian within 3 working days of the purchase date.  A
health record will be provided for the buyer to take to their veterinarian.

If  the dog, in the veterinarian's opinion, has a genetic or life threatening disorder, the dog must be re-turned
immediately to Barnyard Kennel and Annette Coleman.  Hernias and normal parasites are not included in this
purchase agreement.  The buyer must also bring a statement signed by the examining veterinarian explaining the
symptoms and diagnosis of the dog.  
The welfare and care of said dog must be a priority while in the buyers
The dog will then be taken to a veterinarian chosen by Barnyard Kennel (Annette Coleman).  If both
veterinarians agree with the diagnosis, a new dog of the same breed, sex, and quality will be given as soon as one is

After the dog leaves Barnyard Kennel (Annette Coleman), any and all veterinarian expenses pertaining to the
examination and/ or treatment of the dog will be the sole responsibility of the buyer.
Checks to Annette Coleman accepted for Deposits only.   Cash due when the babies go home.
All Deposits are Non-Refundable
Thank you ,

Annette Coleman
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