Adult Adoptions
Would you consider the adoption of an adult dog?   At Barnyard Kennels
our females retire by the time they are (5) five years of age,  she is retired
from breeding and is spayed.  Occasionally, we will have a female or male
that is unable to breed and will be retired even earlier.   We would love to
be able to offer the adult dog the opportunity to be placed with a loving
family and learn to become a "couch potato".  An adult female has spent
her entire life at Barnyard Kennel and has formed strong bonds with her
kennel mates and me, and it can be a difficult transition for her to leave
her family.

A new puppy is eager to become a part of its new family and will bond
quickly.  An adult dog is much more homesick when she first leaves and
is slow to transfer her affection to a new family.  It can sometimes take
weeks.  If an adopting family is willing to invest their time and love, an
adult dog will become a wonderful addition to a family.   We have had
successful adult adoptions.  Every dog at Barnyard Kennel will always
have a home here even if an adopting family does not work out.

We would consider placing an adult dog with you, if you feel you can
make a dedicated commitment to an adult dog, providing her with a
loving, stable home life, having an open mind to crate training for short
time periods as needed or having a secure dog run available, and the
patience to work through her homesickness.  It is our intention that these
adult dogs become members of the new family and do not become a yard
dog.  If the adopting family already has a house dog, this makes the
transition much easier.

The adoption fee is based on what the veterinarian charges for the spay
or neuter and teeth cleaning fee at the time of placement.  A vet reference
may be required in placing an adult dog.

Thank you for considering the adoption of one of my precious dogs.

Annette Coleman                 
Hannah has gone to her new home with
Becky and Benny Peters in Fountain Inn.   
She seems to be adapting well.  Best
Wishes to Hannah and her new family.  
Hallye has also been placed
in her new home with
Michael and Marybeth
Adams in Charleston.  She
has a wonderful little guy to
play with, McKenzie.   All
seems to be going really
I miss you ladies, but I am so happy that
you both have a wonderful home and are
both doing well.   Love you both.
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